Automated Boardrooms

Automatically dim lights, lower shades, turn on video and audio.

McKays Electronic Experts offers professional solutions for all commercial automation of audio and video in Victoria, Nanaimo, Courtenay, Campbell River and the rest of Vancouver Island.

integrated room control

Productivity for important rooms in your business such as a conference room, boardroom, or executive office is increased when all the smart technology and subsystems work together with simple control. When presenting to clients from a laptop, pressing a single “Presentation” button dims lights, lowers blackout shades, turns on video display, and audio. By integrating everything in a room from audio, video, lights, window treatments, networking, teleconferencing systems, and communications, you have complete and easy control from a single touch screen, keypad, remote or mobile device. With boardroom automation, there’s no more walking over to turn off lights and lower shades or wasting time and getting frustrated during in-person or video conference meetings.

centralized distribution

Centralized distribution will allow complete control and connectivity of your company’s technology, for every room, every application and every budget. Seamless integration and connectivity all manifest from one centralized hub. Less wall clutter and centralized networking equipment spread throughout enhance your office productivity. With the Network being the backbone of your business, each and every room is simply another node on the Network making system expansion easy.

lighting control

From cost-savings to creating the perfect ambiance when you utilize lighting control, you can have lights turn off automatically when employees or guests leave rooms to save on energy bills. Set lights in the waiting room to a warm, welcoming glow while lights in the surgical room are bright enough for procedures. Program lights to dim automatically as the sun sets so your guests hardly notice a change and your staff isn’t running around turning lights off manually. No matter what your intention, intelligent lighting control is always a bright idea.

motorized shades

With motorized shades, you can easily adjust the amount of daylight in your space to increase comfort, save energy, and protect interiors. Automated shading and drapery transforms harsh glare into soft pleasing light, enhances privacy while preserving exterior views, reduces solar heat gain, and provides UV protection of expensive furnishings and artwork. Have a game changing presentation? The ability to transform daytime into nighttime for theatric presentations worthy of cinematic ambiance can make all the difference in communicating your message to an enthusiastic audience with the simple press of a button. Choose from hundreds of fabric and color options for motorized shades, available to complement any décor.

media control 

Experience your HD media content in your office from any location with the simple press of one button. Smart media control gives you simple access to high definition commercial audio and video content regardless if the source is analog, digital, cable or satellite, stored on a server, or streamed from the internet. If you want to watch live sports, display a company video, listen to a news radio station, or provide background music from any source, employees can effortlessly select to view or listen from simple control interfaces such as a touch screen or keypad. Let us create the perfect media control solution to meet your needs. It’s time to ditch the stack of remotes or clutter of wall controls.

occupancy monitoring

Non-intrusive sensors are discreetly positioned to effectively determine if anyone is in the room and trigger automatic adjustments to subsystems such as electric lighting, motorized window treatments, HVAC, and small appliances. Occupancy monitoring with a smart home system enables advanced energy-efficiency optimization to be realized for your home. Automatically turn lights on when a person enters a room and off when he or she leaves. Occupancy sensors are ideally used in rooms where lights are often inadvertently left on, such as a child’s room. You no longer need to worry that the AC is blasting or lights are on when nobody is in the room.