Home Media

stream music, movies and TV shows anywhere in your home


Whole Home Audio

Distributed audio systems send music to any space in your home


Home Theatre Systems

A dedicated home theater room allows us to control the environment


McKays Electronic Experts offers professional solutions for all residential and commercial installations of audio and video in Victoria, Nanaimo, Courtenay, Campbell River and the rest of Vancouver Island.

home media

Even if the space you have doesn’t allow a dedicated home theater setup, we bring together the highest quality Audio/Video equipment to suit your entertainment needs. Today’s Home media systems include HDR OLED panels, architectural loudspeakers and streamlined AV components to give you the best possible sound and video.  With the addition of a media server you can stream music, movies and TV shows anywhere in your home from the Internet. From single room, whole home, or outdoor, our smart home systems can be controlled from a remote, touch screen or entirely from your smartphone or tablet. Contact us to learn more about our audio video installation services.

home theatre

A dedicated home theatre room allows us to control the environment to precisely designed & engineer the space to provide maximum movie and music enjoyment. Room acoustic treatments isolate the room from outside noise and reduce unwanted sounds inside the room, custom speaker placement optimizes the audio. Carefully positioned plush theater seating allows for unobstructed viewing of your video content on the big screen. Room lighting is controlled, as well, in order to ensure the best picture delivery from your high-definition, properly calibrated projector. To see examples of dedicated home theatre installations on the island, visit our gallery.

whole home audio

Distributed audio systems send music to any space in your home via a central processor or matrix switcher. The days of a volume knob on the wall are long gone. With whole home audio, control of your music is simple and intuitive by means of a touch panel, keypad, handheld RF remote, iPad® or similar Wi-Fi smart device. Speakers can be placed in the walls, ceiling, bookshelves, shower or pool, they can also be blended into the décor, in essence making them invisible to minimize visual impact. We also have wireless solutions that enable you to enjoy your music from anywhere without the need to run wires. You’ll need fewer components since a single music server or a music service such as Google Play or Apple Music from your smart phone can be shared in one, several, or all the rooms of your home.

multi-room video

With Distributed Video you can stream a single video source, such as a Cable box, Satellite receiver, Android box, Apple TV or Blu-Ray player and share it to multiple tv’s using a video matrix switcher. This significantly reduces the amount of sources needed for every TV in your house and hides all the equipment in a storage closet or basement where it can easily be serviced. Instead of watching your Apple TV only in your family room, you can watch it on any TV in your home. By integrating the video distribution with a smart home system, you can further simplify your control experience.

outdoor entertainment

With Outdoor living spaces becoming an extension to our homes there is now a wide range of technology solutions built to withstand the elements without compromising performance. When you add music, video, and Lutron lighting control you make the perfect entertaining space for family and friends or even create a great spot for a much needed personal respite from the everyday. Watch your favorite sports team or movie on a flat screen TV that not only weathers the storm and the sun, but minimizes glare for quality viewing even on a bright day. Listen to it on an audio system built for great sound and to survive the elements and when the sun goes down, set your outdoor lights to create ambiance either automatically or with a single press of a button.

high performance audio

Whether you’re in the mood for streaming audio or an album from your collection, you will be able to hear the difference with a high-fidelity sound system. Elevate your listening experience with a High Performance Audio system that will wow even the most discerning audiophile.  Today’s audio is a pleasing blend of old and new technologies. You can have a computer-based system alongside your turntables and tube electronics and experience audio nirvana from both. Based on the quality level you desire for your listening needs, we’ll create the best combination of whole home audio equipment from amps, preamps, receivers, speakers and more.


You can enjoy watching your favorite movie, sports, or TV show and not feel overwhelmed about knowing the latest video buzz words like HDR, Ultra HD, 4K, LED, Smart, 3D, etc. We will make it easy for you to understand what’s available for any budget and choose the best Screen, Projector or Panel for the application whether it’s family time, high performance home cinema, entertaining or playing games.

hidden audio video 

Home entertainment can be seen and heard only when you want it to with hidden speakers, concealed video displays, mirror TVs, and flush-mount controls. You can stay true to the aesthetic vision of your space by blending your home technology with the architecture and décor.  Keep counters clear in your industrial chef’s kitchen or French provincial pantry and focus on the Cambria countertops, Wolf Range or Miele refrigerator, not the wires, speakers and TV. Let your artwork be the focal point in your living room and all those electronic boxes and home networking wires can be out of sight or in a separate equipment room.

universal remotes

A universal remote makes all your electronics work together so anyone in your family or guests can effortlessly enjoy it. With the press of a single button the TV turns on, the cable box goes to your favorite channel, the surround sound fires up, and the lights dim to a comfortable setting. There’s no need to think, you can simply relax. Easily pause the movie or mute music in a single press without having to search through the pile of remotes on your coffee table or having to unlock your smart device and launch an app.

a/v calibration

Properly calibrated sound and video will enable your movies, music and games to come alive. We will take into account reflections from walls and furniture in your home theater to prevent distorted sound resulting in muddy bass, degraded high frequencies and surround envelopment. With our audio video installation, we specialize in enabling technology that delivers sound and video amazingly close to the original recording so that every Audio/Video system – from budget home theaters to world-class cinemas – sound and looks amazing.


This is a commonly overlooked component of well-designed homes and dedicated home theater spaces. With proper acoustics you can control excessive loudness from music and spoken word activities and curb unwanted echoes and reverberations. Sound bounces around a room much like a ping pong ball bouncing back from hard surfaces and slowing down when it hits a soft surface like carpet. We can engineer an acoustic design with aesthetically pleasing acoustical materials that match your home’s décor and provide the best solution for the application.

wire & cable

If you are building a new home, re-wiring your existing one or installing a home entertainment or home networking system in your residence, it’s important to hire someone who specializes in low voltage system design and wiring in order to get the job done properly. Many construction trades, even electricians, may not have the expertise on low voltage requirements for smart home systems and new home technology products that now also rely upon a solid Network connection. We will ensure the electronic infrastructure of your home is installed to effectively support your system requirements and help protect its relevancy over time. We will also insure that all wiring used behind walls, under floors or otherwise installed as a structural component of the home is properly rated and specified.